Central office

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Sales office

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The services we provide as managers of this company:

Under the Horizontal Ownership Act, the following functions are assigned to the administrator:

            • Ensure proper management of the facilities and services at home, and warn the owners to take the necessary facilities.

            • Notify in advance of expected costs to the Board of Directors and to propose the means to address them.

            • Pay attention to the upkeep and maintenance of the house, arranging repairs and urgent measures, which they immediately give notice to the President or, where appropriate, to the owners..

            • Carry out the decisions taken regarding work and arrange the necessary payments.

            • Act, if applicable, as secretary of the Board of Directors and keep track of documentation for community holders.

            • All other powers that are accepted by the board.

If you would like to contact the department of property management, you can do this by sending an email to: trinicalpenon-laroca@hotmail.com