Central office

+34 96 583 01 82

Sales office

+34 96 583 44 70

Calpeñón, S.L. is a family company, formed and founded on March 20, 1996 with four co-operating partners. Calpeñón, S.L. is a company dedicated to the construction, promotion and sale of their properties, with the aim of offering its customers the best possible value, with the best materials and products on the construction market, without hindering truly competitive prices or prejudice to the quality that the buyer seeks and deserves. The way we work and our philosophy enabled us to offer the best quality with interesting and attractive prices to buyers who want professionalism and satisfaction. Our intention and hope is to continue in this line with our work, in order for all customers to have the absolute certainty to receive a product of authentic quality.

Calpeñón, S.L. has offices in Avenida Conde de Altea, 29 and Calle La Niña, in the building Paola, Local 31, in Calpe – Alicante. Among the promotions we have houses in different urbanizations and a number of buildings such as: Boreal, Aura and Ernea, all located in Calpe.